The Lifetime Private Pension Scheme qualifies for tax credits on contributions paid into the scheme. Equivalent to 25% with a maximum of €750 per annum for 2022. The Lifetime Private Pension Scheme is an approved Personal Retirement Scheme authorised by the MFSA.
Any information provided about taxation is based on our understanding of current law and legislation. Future changes in law and taxation, or your own financial circumstances, could affect the treatment of the plan and the amount of tax payable. In order to ascertain your exact tax status, you should seek specific and professional tax advice in relation to your tax obligations under the Lifetime Pension Schemes.

Tax Rebate

For calendar year 2022 the tax rebate will be equivalent to 25% with a maximum total of €750. This is on condition that you are at least 18 years old, and that you are domiciled and/or tax resident in Malta. You are also eligible for a tax rebate when making contributions on behalf of your spouse.


There is no limit on the amount that can be contributed to your private pension scheme, however we recommend that you only contribute the maximum allowance per annum to take advantage of the tax rebate that is applied to the scheme.


Choose to retire between the age of 61 and 70.

30% Tax Free Lump Sum

You will be eligible to take a 30% tax free lump sum, with the remaining balance providing yourself with an income throughout your retirement.

Retirement Income

Income will be paid from the fund.

Tax Efficient Solution

Enjoy tax free growth throughout the lifetime of your pension.

Low Cost

We offer solutions for the best price on the market.


Your pension pot will be managed conservatively by experienced professionals.


Pass on your pension pot to loved ones upon your death.